Because of tea, we meet each other.
Ding Tea Introduction:
  • Operational Way: High-classed store. HQ plans annual marketing schedule and promotional selling activity.
  • Enterprise Image: Swaying in the world, an international competitive brand.
  • Materials: High quality and qualified materials
  • Professional Attitude: Focusing on every details, a strong group insists in quality and provide best image. Promotion: Comprehensive marketing experience, good interactivity with media and public relationship.
  • Training: Completed training, systematical planning technique, practical experience, operational courses.
  • Operational Support: Developing new drinks and bringing new trend, Ding Tea makes good benefit on selling for all franchise stores.
Completed training:
  • Working process in bar counter and kitchen
  • Customer relationship management
    Equipment maintenance
  • Store marketing management
  • Educational course of cost and revenue