Because of tea, we meet each other.
Ding Tea Introduction:

If you want to franchise in Ding Tea, we welcome people who are over 20-year old and have enthusiasm in tea industry With dependable operational strategy and strong market background, Ding Tea let franchisees lead the market trend. With completed training, professional support, reasonable service, good communicational way and mutually beneficial principle, franchisees don’t have to worry about their operation in the future.

Franchise Qualification and Condition:
  • Over 20 year old, good credit, both sexes are acceptable.
  • With enthusiasm and insistence in tea industry.
  • Franchisees are required to participate in training for learning skills.
  • No matter franchisees choose franchise or master, all operational materials related to “Ding Tea” must be purchased directly from headquarters to maintain consistency for quality and brand.
Model of Franchise Store:
  • Personal Store or Rented Store.
  • Store location needs to be evaluated and confirmed by franchise headquarters first.
  • Initial franchise Guarantee Payment: 200,000 Promissory Note