Brand’s superiorty and feature
Ding Tea, currently is the largest Taiwanese beverage brand in China, is also the only take-away style tea beverage that authorized to brought into or operate in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. In Asian region, Ding Tea has more than 350 chain stores spreading from Tianjin, in the northern China to Foshan, the southern China, so you can taste the finest Taiwanese tea provided by Ding Tea easily.

Brand’s Managment
Ding Tea's company was incorporated in Hong Kong and established a chinese corporation in China as a foreign legal entity, completing the brand registration, adopting formal methods to sustain its market in China. Ding Tea's business spreads over Japan, the mainland China and Taiwan, making itself the most visible, largest and finest tea shop.

Brand’s Marketing
In addition to its own marketing and advertising, Ding Tea also formed many cross-industry alliances such as: the collaboration with Verona City, local gourmet program interviews, the entrance into the 2010 Shanghai World Expo etc. Ding Tea represents not only the tea alone, it also represents a kind of delicacy and fashion.

Brand’s Reputation
Ding Tea's delicious taste, excellent quality and respectful services, has already formed a fantastic reputation among consumers and also caused a magnificent sensation through major reviews in the internet today, with the strong and rich aroma in our beverages, Ding Tea has already crowned itself over other competitors in the industry.

Brand’s Benefits
Ding Tea's many years of handwork has formed an enormous brand effects and benefit to the market. It has been highly recognized, accepted and widely known in the market today. Other than Ding Tea's beverage, consumers have also recognized Ding Tea's corporation with their high loyalty and satisfactory towards the brand. Ding Tea's huge brand effects and benefits are not only reflected on the product itself, each launching of a new product, every implementation of a decision, all Ding Tea's movements affects the market and making Ding Tea itself as an indicator of trend.
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